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Item Ref #: GSE | Lawn Seeds for sports & Games- Gazon Sports & Jeux
Placed Outdoors


The grass Sports & Games is naturally resistant to tearing and stamping  and is ideal for intensive use such as playgrounds, football feilds, & heavy pedestrian passages & areas.

Planting Instructions:

Soil Preperation-
1. Turn the soil to a depth of 20 cm, taking care to remove stones, roots and weeds. 
2. Refine the land surface using a fine rake. 
3. Roll the soil witha roller to obtain a flat surface.

Sowing grass- 

1- Sow seeds on dry soil, in a grid manner and crossing passages to obtain uniform distrebution.

2- Cover the seeds lightly with soil by using a rake.

3- Roll the seeds to ensure good contact with the soil. 

Watering seeds to germinate- 

1- Water three times a day to keep the soil moist throughout the germination period. Seeds will germinate in 4-7 days depending on temperature.

2- The first Mowing should done be when the grass has reached a height of 10 cm.

Regular maintenance- Apply Vilmorin slow release lawn fertilzer twice a year for a perfectly balanced, healthy green colored lawn.