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Item Ref #: Flex hose | Flexi Plus hose
Placed Indoors and Outdoors

The hose has five layers, a smooth PVC inner layer to allow maximum flow, a foamed PVC layer which gives ultimate flexibility without kinking and makes the hose light and soft, a knitted polyester layer to stop expansion and give extra flexibility and a tough, thick PVC outer layer.

Soft and Flex Technology - tiny uniformed bubbles give the hose ultimate flexibility and act as shock absorbers to prevent kinking.

Available in the following Diameter / Lenght: 

Dimension Length
12.5 mm - 1/2 inch  25 m
12.5 mm - 1/2 inch  50 m
19 mm - 3/4 inch 25 m
19 mm - 3/4 inch 50 m