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Item Ref #: VGS | Swiss Lawn- Gazon Suisse
Placed Outdoors


Swiss Lawn is an ideal lawn substitute, decorative, easy to establish, and maintenance-free. It will form a beautiful green carpet dotted with colorful annual flowers up to 20 cm high. 

Site preparation:

1. Turn the ground to a depth of 20 cm, taking care to remove stones, roots and weeds.

2. Clean the soil surface with a rake.

3. Roll the soil to obtain a flat surface.

Grass Sowing:

4. Mix the seeds pack and sow on dry ground.

5. Cover the seeds lightly with a rake. To facilitate this step, it is possible to cover them with a very thin layer of soil.

6. Place the roller to ensure seeds contact with  soil.

7. Water regularly until seeds germinate in around 7- 10 days.